Face Rejuvenation

There are so many technological advances today in the rejuvenation of the facial skin. Unfortunately, not all new devices will give you the right result and some in the inexperienced hands will produce unwanted harmful side effects. We believe in the holistic approach using techniques that are tried and tested and avoiding harmful side effects. The first thing we do is a skin assessment to set down a plan of management individualised to your needs. We will then follow the principles of repair, regenerate and revitalize all leading to rejuvenation. We then will teach you to maintain the new skin and prevent it from further damage. We employ various techniques in rejuvenating the face including Chemical Peels, IPL, Blue, Red and Infra-Red Light Therapy, Ultrasound Peel (Dermasound) , Microdermabrasion, Platelet Rich Plasma technology, Skin Needling and the right skin care products. Lines and loss of volume in the face can be treated with appropriate muscle relaxing injections and Dermal Fillers.