The Ashbrooke Cosmetic Sugery's expertise extends to a full range of cosmetic procedures. Our doctors are able to treat your facial lines with muscle relaxant injections (Anti Wrinkle Agent) or dermal fillers which help to remodel your face, effectively giving you a mid-face lift without surgery. Contour threads can also be used to soften facial lines, lift saggy skin in the face and give you a minor facial lift when surgery is not yet required. Other procedures include needlingfor acne scars,a new procedure that yields superior results to those obtained with laser treatments, and injection lipolysis for treating cellulite and pockets of fat.

We also have an in-house aesthetician, with over 20 years experience in her field, who can provide you with a unique exfoliative technique developed in our clinic that combines Dermasound (ultrasound),microdermabrasion and gentle individualised chemical peels to give you the lovely skin you have always wished for. This procedure requires minimal down-time and is ideal for the person who cannot afford to take time off from his or her busy schedule.

        Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
        Acne Management
        Vitamin Infusions
        Jet Lag Management
        Varicose & Spider Veins
        Platelet Rich Plasma
        Facial Needling with
        Breast Reduction with