Apart from feeling uncomfortable and looking unattractive large over size breasts warrant reduction because they cause back and neck pain, bra strap indentation and difficulty in exercising and finding clothes to fit properly.  It is now possible to reduce and reshape the breasts with Liposuction.  A significant degree of lift is noted following this procedure. However, it is not suitable for the extremely pendulous breasts where surgery is still the preferred procedure.  These are the breasts that are very long, thin and saggy.

Breast Reduction with Liposuction results in less downtime, more rapid recovery, less pain in the post operative period and most importantly hardly any scars because the nipples need not be removed and then reattached.  There is also no loss of sensation in the nipples as is quite commonly noted in surgical reduction. The cuts are so small that they do not need to be stitched.

This procedure is done with Local Anaesthetic and is a Walk in Walk out procedure. This is referred to as Tumescent Local Anaesthesia. All cases will require a Mammogram and a Breast Ultrasound 2-3 weeks before the procedure to detect the presence of any lumps that are not palpable on physical examination.

A compression garment is to be worn day & night for 3 weeks after the procedure and a strong support bra is to be worn for at least 3 months after that.

The aim is to reduce the breasts to a Size C in Cup Size. Smaller sizes can be achieved depending on the quality of the skin ie if you are already a Size C and you want to come down to a Size B.

Sometimes a woman may be born with unequal breasts with one side significantly larger than the other. In such cases then only one side need to be reduced to try and bring it down to the size of the smaller one. It is also possible to bring the smaller side up to the size of the bigger one by using fat from another site and transferring this fat into the smaller breast. This is technically more difficult as it involves Liposuction of the donor sites to harvest the fat, prepare the fat and injecting the fat into the targeted breast. As not all the fat will survive after transfer your Cosmetic Surgeon will inform you during the consultation that more than one procedure may be necessary 4 -12 weeks after the initial transfer. All this assumes that you have enough fat in the donor areas to provide the material for transfer.

Breast Reduction with Liposuction