Micro Needling

Despite the many cosmetic procedures available, improving the appearance of the skin damaged by scarring after severe acne or chicken pox, or improving the skin associated with deep wrinkles, has always been a challenge. Procedures such as deep chemical peels, dermabrasion (different from microdermabrasion) and laser resurfacing have offered disappointing results, especially for scarring associated with acne. At the same time, they are expensive and involve long recovery times. Laser treatments also carry the risk of pigment changes in the skin following treatment. Facial needling with the Dermaroller (German made product) has been successful in reducing the depth of the scars associated with severe acne. Several treatments are necessary to produce optimum results. It is a low cost procedure (measured in hundreds of dollars instead of thousands of dollars) and more importantly is associated with less down time than resurfacing with Lasers. The Dermaroller is also ideal for improving the texture of facial skin, reducing pore sizes and tightening the skin . It can improve pigmentation at the same time.