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Hand Rejuvenation

This is the last frontier. Not many people out there know that you can rejuvenate the Back of your Hands. And yet the hands are a dead give away of your age.


  1. A Soft Filler is now able to help make the hands look younger and there are several brands. Your doctor will discuss with you the preferred brand and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  2. Fat is another product that can be used. It will have to come from your own body. So fat is harvested from your body then carefully prepared and transferred to the back of your hands. It gives long lasting results but the process is a bit tedious as it involves Liposuction and the fat cells do not always survive in their new environment. So you must be prepared to repeat the procedure, say 2-3 months after the first one. This method is called Autologous Fat Transfer.
  3. The third method is to use a Collagen Stimulating Agent which has Calcium particles. This is the one I recommend because it is effective, not as expensive as Autologous Fat Transfer, has a high rate of success, safe and literally a Walk In Walk Out procedure.