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Anti Wrinkle

Strange as it may seem many of the lines on our faces are created not by the effects of the sun or the years but rather the actions of the muscles around the forehead, around the eyes and the cheeks and mouth. Frequent squinting, smiling and frowning deepen these lines and eventually they become permanent fixtures in our face. The earlier these lines are treated the better because they are less likely to become permanent. The lined aged look can be delayed for years if we start regular treatment of muscle relaxing injections as soon as the lines become prominent. There is no set age to start these injections. Some women already need them in their twenties. In some cases the lines are improved with the soft Dermal Fillers instead of the muscle relaxing injections. In those with deeper lines both fillers and muscle relaxing injections are required.

  • Lines in Face
  • Muscle Relaxants
Muscle Relaxant Injections - Forehead

Muscle Relaxant Injections - Forehead