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Recent advances in the development of the Dermal Fillers have given Cosmetic Doctors a wider and more flexible choice in selecting the best product for appropriate areas in the face that require lifting. Softer fillers are used in the superficial layers of the skin and the heavier fillers are chosen for the deeper layers where there have been greater loss of collagen. As a result the Mid Face can now be lifted with fillers that can last up to 18 months and no surgery is required. Much less invasive and at a fraction of the cost of surgery. This has led to a fall in surgical face lift cases around the world in recent years. The Mid Face Lift with fillers can enhance the appearance of the face at any age. We have improved the contours of the face in a person in her twenties to restoring the contours in someone in her sixties to produce a more youthful look.. Come and talk to us and see what we can do for you.

  • Lower Face Lift
  • Mid Face Lift
  • Upper Face Lift
  • Lips
  • Platelet Rich Plasma "The Vampire Facial"